A land to be discovered

The Mediterranean and Northern Europe meet in this region to offer a unique territory: sun and palm trees, mountains and lakes, exquisite cuisine, and fine wines will make your vacation complete. Safe and modern, open and hospitable, it is a land full of beautiful places and offers first-class hotels. Ticino fascinates with its sunny Mediterranean climate and its breathtaking scenery, nestled between mountains and lakes. Breathe in the Dolce Vita, in Ticino style.

he largest city in the Ticino tourist region, it is not merely the third most important financial center of Switzerland and a well-known convention center for banking and commerce, but it is also a city full of flower-filled parks, magnificent villas, and sacred buildings. Thanks to its Mediterranean flair, Lugano offers all the advantages of a metropolis and the style of a small town.


The valleys of Malcantone are among the most spectacular of the area and extend between panoramic peaks and turquoise waters. The Malcantone includes 26 locations - including Cademario - oscillating at altitudes between 270 and 900 meters above sea level. A vacation here is a unique opportunity to discover the diversity of the Ticino villages: from the charming little town by the lake, to the hilly villages that gently slope up, to the rural foothills of the Middle and Upper Malcantone mountains.

Path of Mervels (Novaggio)
Chestnut Path (Arosio)
Monte Tamaro - Monte Lema Traverse

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