Body, Mind, Soul

Experience perfect harmony in Ticino

Let yourself be guided by your desires: discover, add and subtract experiences to personalize your stay and make it unique. Just for you.

The MIND is the motor of our actions.

“This is what we often think. It becomes our frame of mind”.
So it becomes important to train our thought: going beyond mechanisms and habits enables us to evolve.
Be present, listen and know your mind.

Tips for the #MIND experiences
1. Ask for a yoga mat at the Spa Reception and walk to the clearing. Lie down, listen nature. Empty your mind.
2. Discover the observatory on Monte Lema and witness the infinite as you look at the stars.
3. Sit at the restaurant and order the dish you fancy. Enjoy every colour on the plate. Savour its scent and flavour.
4. Book a Wassage: this is the water that sings the music of this treatment, which goes beyond the massage. Meditation and relaxation, perfect harmony and serenity.
5. Go along the “Philosophers’ path” as Dr Keller called it. A walk immersed in the peace and quiet of nature.

The BODY is our first home on this planet. It houses our mind, our soul.

Train, feed, listen to the body.

Tips for #BODY experiences
1. Get to Miglieglia, climb Monte Lema mountain and enjoy the view. If you want more, do the Tamaro- Lema mountain hike. An adventure to remember.
2. Book a bike or e-bike and discover the paths of Malcantone.
3. Tennis at Cademario? It’s not just possible for people staying at the Kurhaus - it’s free!
4. Enjoy Dot Wellness treatment: get the metabolism going, stimulate the blood circulation and sooth muscular tension.
5. Ask the restaurant for the DOT EAT menu and enjoy the best of each foodstuff. Eating has never done you so much good!

The SOUL is the most intimate part of ourselves, the part that knows how to go further and perceive the truth.

It accompanies us constantly and when we listen to it closely we are overwhelmed with emotion.
Give into your feelings, look beyond the obvious.

Tips for #SOUL experiences
1. Visit the Maglio of the Malcantone and rediscover your inner child.
2. Discover the recliners of the DOT Spa and take in the view from the glassed-in area. Read, close your eyes after bathing in the pool or let go listening to the waterfall in the background. Stop time.
3. Malcantone is a grape-growing area. Ask Reception about organizing a tasting and reviving the senses. IN VINO VERITAS.
4. Enjoy a night in the Bella Vista Suite. A glass to toast life in the company of your nearest and dearest.

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